The application of RFID technology in the garment territory is a double-edged sword.

Electromagnetic waves pour like a flood. If they have no guidance, they can become an overrun.

RFID software, like a ditch,make flood can also irrigate farmland, benefit to enterprises!

----CASESOFT, Ray.Guan

With pleasure and gratitude, thank you for visiting CASESOFT.

Over 90% of our engineering team members were born later than 1990s. They are young, full of vitality and spirit. They are a union that have big power can change the world. And I sincerely hope that the power will be passed on to every part of China apparel industry through our products and solutions.

Ancient Chinese says that the basic necessities of life are clothing, food, sheltering and transportation. Except “clothing”, the others have been upgraded by various advanced technologies and created myths. Only “clothing” remain in the traditional manufacturing.

China is a large textile country, with nearly 200 million people working directly or indirectly in the garment industry. There are countless garments exported every year. But we are short of international fashion brands. Except to some well-know domestic fashion brands that have emerged in recent years, we always do the low value-added manufacturing, processing and raw material supplier in the international apparel market. I’m so worried about this and have been thinking about how to use new technology to find a solution to surpass for China apparel industry.

So, since found, CASESOFT has a wonderful vision:For the development of China apparel industry wing of IOT technology. Let the big data system support the future development of apparel industry. Make China fashion brands internationalization. Actually, big data can serve consumers well as businesses.

In recent years, consumption upgrading and business transformation have become a hot topic in the apparel industry. Fashion brands are trying hardly all. We can find that in the leaders of apparel industry, using RFID technology is the only way to transform and upgrade. In 3 years the development foundation of the IOT by RFID technology will penetrate into every part of the apparel industry. And improve the enterprise competitiveness of manufacture and circulation to a great extent. This is not a prediction, this is the world that is coming. I believe CASESOFT and the partners of this industry will continue to work hardly for the day come soon.

As mentioned above, some of the fashion brands with forward thinking like HAL(海澜之家) and La Chabelle have adopted RFID technology to improve the management efficiency, and the achievements of the project are becoming more and more obvious. I believe that RFID applications of China apparel industry will flourish in near future.

We know that it’s impossible to achieve this dream by CASESOFT only. Here, I appeal to all who love and positive about this industry, join hands and move forward together. We welcome win-win cooperation in all forms. We look forward to CASESOFT will become a strong power in the IOT area and make contributions for the development of our industry on and on.!


Our sincere thanks for your time with us now or future.


Ray Guan


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